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Sumatra Boru Batak Single Origin

    Last fall we introduced our limited edition single origin (mono origine) coffee: the Sumatra Boru Batak from the southern shores of Lake Toba, Indonesia. It's our feature coffee for January, and if you haven't tried it yet, now is the time; our supply of this delightfully complex coffee is nearly gone. What makes mono origine coffee so special? In a word, traceability. Single origin beans generally come from one farm (or co-op) in a particular region. It's flavor is directly influenced by the environmental factors in that region: elevation, soil content, micro-climate, harvest and processing methods. The same coffee can...

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Hot Drinks for Cold Days

Our best suggestions on how to stay warm this time of year. Bicerin A traditional beverage in Torino, the Bicerin is a luxurious afternoon indulgence. Known for its distinct layered presentation in a stemmed glass, this deliciously gorgeous drink is made with espresso, chocolate sauce from pure Pernigotti Cocoa, and a smooth whipped cream top. During the winter, you'd be hard pressed to find a lovelier way to pass an afternoon than with a Bicerin.   Mocha Piccante For those especially blustery days, the Mocha Piccante is a perfect combination of bold, smooth, and creamy with a spicy kick. This...

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Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee (Infusione a Freddo)Try Them All   As the late summer days take hold and our lives relax under the high sun, there is nothing quite so refreshing as Caffè Umbria’s  infusione a freddo. Available at all cafés, this is iced coffee reinvented.  Its perfectly balanced flavor and distinctively smooth texture are hallmark characteristics meant to be savored and enjoyed in the summer heat. Our handcrafted cold brew is prepared with care, slow and cold, resulting in a chilled, complex coffee that is full-bodied and naturally sweet. Recently rated as the best cold brew in Portland, we take...

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Farm Alliance Donation Project

Innovations in Coffee Growing at CoopePalmares R.L. 2015-2016 Crop By Pete Maskiell - The Caffè Umbria Farm Alliance Project was started in 2015 as a way for us to expand our support of the coffee cooperatives we work with. This year’s recipient of our contribution is CoopePalmares R.L. for the purchase of an innovative new coffee plant nursery.In a traditional coffee nursery, individual plants grow in recyclable plastic bags filled with about 4 pounds of soil.  In Costa Rica, common practice is to place two plants next to each other in the same bag, doubling their crop for a yield...

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Passion in Peru

By Stefano Bizzarri - Flying over the ocean of lights that is Lima, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this trip. I had visited coffee farms in Hawaii but I already knew this trip was going to be very different. After a busy first day in Lima involving a distracted taxi driver, frenzied traffic and a missed flight at the tired and overcrowded Lima International Airport, we finally made it to Chiclayo, one of the bigger cities in northern Peru and a major hub for Peruvian coffee. Our first visit was to the Perhusa Dry Mill, where we were...

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