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We sent a team of three to Honduras on a sourcing trip earlier this year, so they could learn more about coffee and its producers. Stefano Bizzarri, Antonio Madeddu and Pearl Café Manager Juan Pablo Martín Riba spent a week visiting spectacular places, meeting memorable people, and tasting coffee, including the Honduras El Jaguar.

 Honduras El Jaguar - a new Cupping Room Collection Coffee at Caffe Umbria

We met with Don Victor Barahona, who works as the president of the board of COHORSIL (La Cooperativa Cafetalera Siguatepeque Limitada). Although COHORSIL started as a group of vegetable farmers that wanted to diversify into coffee, Don Victor shared with us that they have been passing the farming tradition from father to son for six generations. The new generation is dreaming of opening new frontiers, using new technologies to share their passion for coffee with the world.

Honduras El Jaguar Medium Light Roast Coffee

 Honduras El Jaguar Medium Light Roast single origin coffee

COHORSIL is unique in that they produce their own organic fertilizer by compsting coffee cherries and pulp. They offer membership to all agricultural workers, and provide seedlings, compost, workshops and growing advice. Recognizing the impact the next generation with make, the cooperative donates a portion of the cooperatives earnings supports local programs for youth and mobile medical clinics.

 Honduras El Jaguar Medium Light Roast single origin coffee

Honduras El Jaguar sourcing - rainforest alliance certified

Like its namesake, the Honduras El Jaguar is a sleek and powerful flavor explosion, with a full body, delicate aroma and intense strength. With notes of chocolate oranges & honeysuckle, and hints of caramel and fig, this coffee pairs well with chocolate desserts, holiday spices, and as an Irish Coffee (try with some bourbon or cognac).


REGION: Siguatepeque




CERTIFICATION: Rainforest Alliance

ROAST LEVEL: Medium Light

CHARACTERISTICS: Chocolate Oranges | Herbal | Honeysuckle

RECOMMENDED BREW METHODS: Hario v60 | Chemex | Aeropress

Honduras El Jaguar coffee brewing guide with recipes for hario v60, chemex, and aeropress

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