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Equipped with a state-of-the-art roaster and a great passion for blending and roasting, Caffè Umbria captures the true essence of Italian style espresso and coffee with the convenience and services of a local roaster.

Our coffee is offered at a variety of fine restaurants, coffee houses, and specialty stores. To find out how Caffè Umbria can enhance the coffee experience for your customers or to find out where our coffee is served, contact one of our representatives below.


Caffè Umbria provides high quality, drip brewing equipment to qualified customers. We will work with you to determine which brewing system is best suited for your business based on volume of coffee served. 

Caffè Umbria also has established relationships with regional espresso equipment suppliers that we can recommend for your espresso needs.


Caffè Umbria is committed to providing each of our wholesale customers with the tools necessary to prepare great espresso and drip coffee. Training also includes background information about Caffè Umbria, its coffees and roasting philosophy, troubleshooting and tips on cleaning and maintaining equipment. Additionally, we provide a printed Training Manual to serve as an ongoing reference tool for managers and baristas alike. Depending on locations and schedules, training can be provided on an on-going basis, or as needed.



Sleek stainless servers are available in 1.9 liter for table service or 2.5 liter pump pots for self-service. Both feature brew-through tops and double insulation for maximum heat retention.


As is the custom of many roasters in Italy, the branded sugar stick is a great way to add character to your café or restaurant and let customers know that a quality coffee is being served.


These attractive logo cups and lids are available in 8, 12, 16 and 20 ounce sizes. Made from maximum thickness paper stock for sturdiness and heat protection. Unique black lids offered in matching sizes.


Imprinted with the Caffè Umbria logo, these 'original green' coffee sleeves are made with recycled paper and are earth friendly. These are the best insulating coffee sleeves on the market. Fits 12-20oz cups.


Fine Italian porcelain logo cups are available for customers serving Caffè Umbria espresso drinks. Available in 2 oz demitasse, 6 oz cappuccino and 9 oz caffè latte sizes.


The Caffè Umbria logo cold cup is both attractive and sturdy. Available in both 12 ounce and 16 ounce sizes.


Hanging signage, window decals and blend description cards and stickers are available to enhance a café’s coffee display or espresso service area.


As a complement to our coffee program, we are happy to offer Rishi Organic Teas. Their award-winning innovations in teas and herbs have made them leaders in the organic and Fair Trade industry. Our tea offerings include a variety of flavors in tea bags or loose leaf. Contact your sales representative for more information.


  • Seattle Area Contact Information:

    Terika Raak
    (206) 972-6291

    Portland Area Contact Information:

    Justin Goergen
    (503) 807-4041

    California Contact Information:

    Lance Buscaglia
    (510) 541-0661

    Chicago Contact Information:

    Cara Shelley
    (773) 620-7495

    Florida Contact Information:

    Jim Louras
    (630) 205-2797

  • National Accounts Contact Information:

    Jim Louras
    (630) 205-2797

    Catie DiGregorio
    (971) 272-4075

    Canada National Accounts Contact Information:

    Peter Lee
    (604) 808-3271
    Canadian Toll Free 1(800) 918-9611

    Metro Vancouver and Interior BC Contact Information:

    Peter Lee
    (604) 808-3271
    Canadian Toll Free 1(800) 918-9611

  • Vancouver Island Contact Information:

    Jordan McAlonan
    (250) 516-6493

    Alberta Contact Information:

    Randy Kwong
    (403) 889-4321

    Greater Toronto Area

    CJ Chang
    (647) 210-8412

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