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Our Cafès

We create spaces where the European café experience and the engaging,
intimate feel of the neighborhood intersect.

Our brand and aesthetic have always been a blending of rustic and
modern elements - these ideas are the cornerstone of our café experience.

Seattle - Pioneer Square Café

Caffè Umbria's flagship retail store is centrally located in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square. Occupying the very site first established by the Bizzarri family roastery in 1986, the café offers an authentic Italian bar experience complete with expertly pulled espresso drinks, pastries, panini, gelato and fine Italian beer and wine.

320 Occidental Avenue South
Seattle, Washington 98104
(206) 624-5847
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Monday-Friday 6am - 7pm
Saturday 7am - 7pm
Sunday 8am - 5pm


Located in the new Westlake Steps Building on the SW Corner of Lake Union, this boutique café will serve traditional Italian espresso and coffee drinks along with some innovative offerings like Nitro Cold Brew, plus light breakfast and lunch fare with several popular selections from local Italian restaurant La Spiga. Easy lakefront access makes this café a great place to enjoy a coffee.

1201 Westlake Ave N,
Seattle WA 98109
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Monday - Wednesday 6:30am - 6pm
Thursday & Friday 6:30am - 7pm
Saturday 8am - 7pm
Sunday 8am - 6pm

Seattle - Ballard Café

Our café in the historic Ballard neighborhood of Seattle is designed to bring the urban European café experience to the neighborhood level where people live and relax. Our brand and aesthetic has always been a blending of rustic and modern elements. That same ideal describes Ballard and our café, where we highlight a variety of brew methods, including traditional stove top Moka espresso. The Ballard café will feature locally baked goods from Le Panier and Macrina, light lunch fare from the Volterra kitchen next door and a selection of Italian wine and beer.

5407 Ballard Avenue NW
Ballard, Washington 98107
(206) 420-3945
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Monday - Thursday 6:30am - 7pm
Friday 6:30am - 8pm
Saturday 7am - 8pm
Sunday 7am - 8pm

Portland - Pearl District Café

Located in the heart of the Pearl District, Caffè Umbria's retail store provides Portlanders with an authentic Italian café bar experience.

Our espresso based coffee drinks (espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, caffè latte) are prepared in the traditional Italian way. A selection of specialty coffee drinks is available seasonally. Two of our coffee blends are brewed for drip daily. All of our five coffee blends are available for purchase at the café, and can be ground to your preference.

The menu of light Italian fare includes local pastries, a selection of piadine and panini, soup and pasta, and an assortment of beer and wine.

303 NW 12th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209
(503) 241-5300
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Monday to Wednesday 6:30am - 7pm
Thursday to Friday 6:30am - 8pm
Saturday 7am - 8pm
Sunday 7am - 7pm

Portland - Madison Café

Our aesthetic focuses on an elegant blending of rustic and modern elements, embracing technology while honoring tried and true traditions - this new space embraces the architecture of the historic Georgian style building while mixing in our signature branding and style. High ceilings, hues of light blue tiles and walls and warm natural light make the café a welcoming, comfortable space. Designed by Rick Potestio, the café features an interesting metal and wood bar and the original tile floor.

710 SW Madison Street
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 719-5248
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Monday - Friday 6:30am - 7pm
Saturday 7:30am - 6pm
Sunday 7:30am - 5pm

Chicago - River North Café

Located in the historic John R. Thompson Building in River North, one of the most notable buildings in the area, is now open. The new café is designed to deliver the urban European café experience to Chicago, an international hub with an appreciation for excellent coffee and espresso.

The new coffee and espresso bar located at 346 N. Clark Street features Caffè Umbria's signature blends, pastries and a variety of light Italian fare provided by local artisans. In addition to the traditional Italian espresso drinks, the café features a variety of brew methods, including Moka Pot, Pour-Over and Cold Brew. The café also has fresh roasted coffee for sale in packaged and bulk form.

346 North Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60654
(312) 877-5166
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Monday - Friday 6:30am - 6pm
Saturday 8am - 4pm
Sunday 8am - 4pm


The 9,000 square foot Armitage Avenue Car Barn has been transformed to offer a bold modern coffee experience. A café, roastery, and coffee lab are perfectly situated in a creative use of space and materials, incorporating coffee shipping containers into the design.

Enter through the end of a converted shipping container to enjoy coffee, pastries or a light lunch in the 2,000 square foot café. The café will serve traditional Italian espresso and coffee drinks made on a La Marzocco Strada EE 3‐group along with innovative offerings on the MOD bar, Nitro Cold Brew on tap, and freshly roasted bulk beans. The open floor plan and raised seating area offer unobstructed views of the roastery.

2545 West Armitage Ave
Chicago IL 60647
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Monday - Friday 6:30am - 5pm
Saturday 7:30am - 5pm
Sunday 7:30am - 5pm