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Cold Brew Coffee (Infusione a Freddo)
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Iced Cold Brew CoffeeAs the late summer days take hold and our lives relax under the high sun, there is nothing quite so refreshing as Caffè Umbria’s  infusione a freddo. Available at all cafés, this is iced coffee reinvented.  Its perfectly balanced flavor and distinctively smooth texture are hallmark characteristics meant to be savored and enjoyed in the summer heat. Our handcrafted cold brew is prepared with care, slow and cold, resulting in a chilled, complex coffee that is full-bodied and naturally sweet. Recently rated as the best cold brew in Portland, we take pride in exceeding expectations through our approach and methodology, setting us apart.

Taking advantage of our cold brew’s versatility, our Pacific Northwest cafés are offering exciting and bold ways to quench your thirst inside or out.


Bottled Cold Brew

Bottled Cold BrewWhile we may indeed relish the time to slow down and sip at a cold brew in a café, occasionally we find excitement on the go. Whether hiking through the foothills, cycling leisurely along the river or sound, or exploring the urban landscape, Caffè Umbria makes it possible to always have your favorite coffee on hand. Our handcrafted cold brew coffee is now available in travel-ready bottles, accommodating even our most active clientele. Because quality is of utmost importance, bottling Caffè Umbria’s cold brew coffee has been an intense labor of love, months in the planning, evaluated with a rigorous battery of taste tests, the results of which you’ll find to be perfectly refreshing.

You can now purchase our signature bottled cold brews at our Portland café and at both the Ballard and Pioneer Square cafés in Seattle.



Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew Available at Pioneer Square and Ballard CafésCaffè Umbria’s original cold brew coffee, infused with nitrogen, is now on tap at our Pioneer Square and Ballard cafés. This nitro cold brew, made with our signature medium-dark roast Bizzarri Blend, is unique. Adding nitrogen to the cold brew and pulling the coffee straight from the tap enables an incomparable creamy and velvety texture, perfectly soothing and satisfying at the same time. This experience is surely not to be missed this summer. Be sure to stop into one of our Seattle cafés to take advantage of this exceptional brew.

Gusto Crema Coffee Ale

Gusto Crema Coffee Ale on tap at Pioneer Square and Ballard cafésBecause we know beer and coffee can be perfectly complementary, Caffè Umbria has worked closely with Seattle’s Georgetown Brewing Company to create the Gusto Crema Coffee Ale. This cream ale is characteristically crisp and clean, brewed with oats and Munich malt. Made with our Gusto Crema cold brew, this beer is also bold with flavor and aroma notes of roasted coffee beans and deep caramel color. A lovely way to wind down the day, you can find this available on tap at both our Pioneer Square and Ballard cafés. Cin cin!

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