2 Panettone Coffee Recipes to Make During the Holidays

The aroma of the classic Italian Panettone is heavenly and reminds us that the Christmas holiday is near. These two recipes use a Panettone syrup, so you'll want to make this first.


2 Tsp King Arthur Fiori di Sicilia Extract (available at King Arthur or Amazon)
12 oz Monin Almond Syrup
8 oz Monin Vanilla Syrup
Mix ingredients and store in a bottle.


1 - 8 oz Can Nitro Cold Brew
1 oz Panettone Syrup (adjust to taste)
Orange Twist
Pour syrup into serving glass, hard pour Nitro Cold Brew over the top. Garnish with orange twist.

Nitro al Panettone recipe

Nitro al Panettone recipe
Nitro al Panettone recipe

A seasonal espresso cocktail with the flavors of the classic Italian Panettone

Double Espresso
2 oz Bourbon
1 Tbsp Panettone Syrup

Add espresso shots, bourbon and syrup to metal mixing tumbler. Add ice to 2/3 full, and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Strain contents into glass using Hawthorne strainer. Enjoy!


Panettone Shakerato - an espresso cocktail

Panettone Shakerato Espresso cocktail
Panettone shakerato recipe

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