Hot Drinks for Cold Days

Our best suggestions on how to stay warm this time of year.

Caffe Umbria Bicerin


A traditional beverage in Torino, the Bicerin is a luxurious afternoon indulgence. Known for its distinct layered presentation in a stemmed glass, this deliciously gorgeous drink is made with espresso, chocolate sauce from pure Pernigotti Cocoa, and a smooth whipped cream top. During the winter, you'd be hard pressed to find a lovelier way to pass an afternoon than with a Bicerin.

 Caffe Umbria Mocha Piccante

Mocha Piccante

For those especially blustery days, the Mocha Piccante is a perfect combination of bold, smooth, and creamy with a spicy kick. This winter warmer is velvety with its hint of chocolate and cozy with the heat of cayenne pepper. A pleasant and complex drink, the Mocha Piccante is the perfect answer to the season's colder days.

Caffe Umbria Cioccolata Calda Hot Chocolate

Cioccolata Calda

If you love chocolate, the answer to all your dreams is Italy's signature hot chocolate: Cioccolata Calda. Part dessert, part drinking chocolate, you owe it to yourself to try one of Italy's greatest indulgences. Visit us at one of our cafés this winter and enjoy this rich, creamy, and intense beverage. And, by the way, we recommend you use a small spoon to get every last bit out of the cup.

 Caffe Umbria Eggnog Latte

Eggnog Latte

Nothing quite sums up the flavor of the holidays like eggnog. Because we enjoy the spirit eggnog brings us, too, we are pleased to offer our eggnog latte, a festive mix of espresso and steamed eggnog with a dusting of nutmeg. Stop by one of our cafés while you're out shopping to keep you wrapped in the warmth of the holiday spirit or have one to start your day (after all, it does have eggs in it...).

Caffe Umbria Marocchino

Caffè Marocchino

Give your morning an extra push the right way with un caffè marocchino. One of our signature winter offerings, the caffè marocchino, named after the prized Italian marocchino leather, is a warm and intense blend of our Cioccolata Calda, espresso, and frothed milk, finished with a sprinkle of cocoa. Come see us and let us help you start your day with this satisfying drink.


 Caffe Umbria Apple Cider

Hot Apple Cider

Hot apple cider is perfect for sipping on cold days, never being anything less than warm and cozy. An autumn and winter staple, our cafés use Lattin’s Country Cider Mill’s Country Cider, bringing it to a perfectly pleasant temperature. Come pass a lazy afternoon with a steaming cup of this long-time seasonal favorite.

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