Choosing a Coffee Roaster: The Secret Ingredient to Success

“Humanity runs on coffee” ~author unknown

Don’t we know it! And if your business serves humanity, you are probably also serving coffee. Your coffee roaster will be a partner in your business, and the quality of their coffee and coffee program can make a large difference in how your customers perceive you and your business.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Roaster

  • Coffee | A good selection of quality coffees of various roasts is the backbone of your coffee service. Rotating small-batch single origin coffees keep things fresh and exciting. Next level: Ready to drink Nitro, batched Cold Brew Coffee from concentrate, and a sleek on-demand nitro machine.

Wholesale Coffee Blends and Single Origin coffees

On Demand Countertop Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

  • Training | In order for your coffee program to thrive, your team needs a good foundation in preparing excellent coffee beverages. Our robust coffee and espresso training program in our dedicated training labs will bring you and your team to expert level. Next level: online signup for regularly scheduled training classes.

Coffee Training for Restaurants and cafes

Caffe Umbria Chicago Coffee Training lab

  • Innovation | What’s new? Answering with an exciting new seasonal drink, or coffee cocktail can help you maintain an excellent engagement level with your customers. Innovative coffees like cold brew and nitro cold brew keep you on the cutting edge of the coffee scene. Next level: our customers are the first to know our seasonal drink recipes and new product line up in plenty of time to integrate into their own menu.

Caffe Umbria Signature Drink Collection - Cold Brew Paloma

Wholesale Coffee Drink Recipes

  • Support | A dedicated account representative can be your go-to for coffee related questions. What do I put on my menu? What equipment should I get? Who should I call if my machine isn’t working? Next level: We support your business with branded assets, signage and serveware for an elevated coffee experience.


Vernick Coffee Bar at the Four Seasons Philadelphia serves Caffe Umbria coffee

To learn more about our wholesale coffee program

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