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4 Caffè Corretto Cocktails that will Impress

Last year we released our Caffè Corretto liqueur in collaboration with Elixir Craft Spirits. We've enjoyed developing some tasty cocktails using this intense coffee liqueur. These cocktails have been such a hit with our customers, we thought we would share them with you to try at your next get-together. Espresso Martini Our own twist on the classic espresso martini, a cold pre- or post-dinner cocktail. Ingredients: 2 ounces Espresso (double shot) 1 ounce Vodka 1 ounce Caffè Corretto Coffee LiqueurCoffee beans for garnish Serving Glass: Chilled Stemless Martini Preparation: Combine all ingredients in metal mixing tumblerAdd ice 2/3 fullShake vigorously for 15...

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Caffè Corretto Liqueur

We are pleased to announce that Caffè Corretto Liqueur is now available, a collaborative effort between Caffè Umbria and Elixir Craft Spirits in Eugene Oregon. Made with our Bizzarri Blend and the expertise of the Loreto brothers, this liqueur is excellent served straight or as part of a cocktail. Caffè Corretto joins a well-known selection of liqueurs from Elixir: Fernet, Calisaya and Iris. From Elixir: Caffè Corretto™ combines two of Italy’s most cherished simple pleasures — enjoying full-bodied espresso coffee, and savoring distinctive liqueurs. Espresso coffee “corrected” with a splash of liqueur is known throughout Italy as “caffè corretto.” Oregon’s...

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Tradizioni – Caffè Corretto

Here’s something to try this month: Espresso with a little correction by your favorite spirits, just enough to fortify the espresso. Traditionalists might choose Grappa for the correction, but Sambuca or brandy can also be used; in fact, the variations are limited only by your imagination - the only essential ingredient is a great espresso. Caffè Corretto, or Espresso Corretto, originates in Italy, and has been used for decades by sailors, fisherman, and other workers to warm and invigorate themselves on the job. Pasquale Madeddu, one of our founders, remembers his father and fellow fishermen taking a Caffè Corretto before...

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