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Cupping Room Collection | Ethiopia Gelana Abaya

Ethiopia is universally recognized as the birthplace of coffee, and produces some of the most complex and exciting coffees in the world. This coffee from the neighboring woredas (districts) of Gelana and Abaya is no exception, highlighting the unique character and diversity of flavors found in Ethiopia’s micro-regions. Produced by small-holder farmers, the Gelena Abaya is washed, like most coffees produced in the southern zones where water is available. With few exceptions, all coffee exported from Ethiopia flows through the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, where it is graded and traded anonymously, identified only by its region, processing method and cup quality....

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Leone Blend Earns Gold Medal at ICT 2018

First introduced in December 2017 for our residency at La Marzocco, our Leone Blend earned a gold medal in the Moka Pot Category at the International Coffee Tasting competition held in November 2018. Created specifically for the coffee enthusiast, we have always thought this blend had a little magic in it, and the judges thought so too. This light roast balances notes of honey, vanilla, apricot and red huckleberry.  You can have a little liquid gold to enjoy at home - grab a bag of Leone Blend and a Moka Pot online, or pick up the café. If you decide to...

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Cupping Room Collection | Myanmar Hta Min Paung

This Myanmar microlot is produced by 18 farmers in the Hta Min Paung village, most of whom own less than a hectare of land. The majority of the farmers are women (there are only two men in the group), and the group uses much of its profits for the development of the village, including an ongoing project to build a monastery. The community’s five pagodas stand prominently overlooking the drying beds. This community cultivates its coffee under a broad canopy of mixed trees in an ideal climate of hot days and cool nights. The extremely hot weather during the December...

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Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee with the Hario V60

Making single-serve coffee with the sleek and simple Hario V60 is a fun experience. Made in Japan of heat-proof glass, the ridges and cone shape allow for even extraction. Hario makes a variety of heat-proof glass coffee ware, but also makes laboratory glass and cookware.  Recipe and Brewing Instructions 25g of coffee ground just finer than regular drip grind 400g of water at 200 degrees F   Bring water to temperature & grind coffee Fold edge of paper filter, insert in cone, and pre-wet the paper filter Put coffee in the filter, and level with a quick shake Add 50 grams...

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Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee with Chemex

Chemex is an artisanal, manual pour over method known for brewing an exceptionally clean and delicate cup. In this brew method, the filter sits flush against the glass walls of the server and slows down the brew time. Chemex paper filters are designed to prevent sediment and other “undesirable compounds” from entering the extracted coffee.  Chemex Fun Facts: Invented in 1941 and is manufactured by the Chemex Corporation in Massachusetts, which has been family owned and operated since 1980. Chemex is a flawless blend of design and function. A testament to this fact it's part of several permanent museum collections...

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