Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee with the Hario V60

Caffe Umbria shows you how to brew with the Hario V60

Caffe Umbria - the Hario V60 is sleek, simple and versatile. Learn how to brew.

Making single-serve coffee with the sleek and simple Hario V60 is a fun experience. Made in Japan of heat-proof glass, the ridges and cone shape allow for even extraction. Hario makes a variety of heat-proof glass coffee ware, but also makes laboratory glass and cookware. 

Caffe Umbria - grind your coffee for the Hario V60

Caffe Umbria - preparing the filter for the Hario v60

Caffe Umbria - brew the perfect cup of coffee with the Hario V60

Recipe and Brewing Instructions

25g of coffee ground just finer than regular drip grind
400g of water at 200 degrees F
  • Bring water to temperature & grind coffee

  • Fold edge of paper filter, insert in cone, and pre-wet the paper filter

  • Put coffee in the filter, and level with a quick shake

  • Add 50 grams of coffee as a bloom, wait 30 seconds

  • Add 100 grams of water, 3 times and wait 30 seconds in between

  • Add the final 50 grams of water

  • Wait until all the water drips out. Pour and enjoy.

Total brew time should be around 2-2:30 minutes. With the Terra Sana Blend we're looking for the crisp red apple peel acidity and bittersweet chocolate tasting notes.

We are featuring the Hario V60 brew method at the cafés in June - stop by on Fridays so see the V60 in action throughout the day.




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