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Ethiopia Gelana Abaya, the January 2019 Release in the Cupping Room Collection

Ethiopia is universally recognized as the birthplace of coffee, and produces some of the most complex and exciting coffees in the world. This coffee from the neighboring woredas (districts) of Gelana and Abaya is no exception, highlighting the unique character and diversity of flavors found in Ethiopia’s micro-regions.

Caffe Umbria Cupping Room Collection Ethiopia Gelana Abaya

Produced by small-holder farmers, the Gelena Abaya is washed, like most coffees produced in the southern zones where water is available. With few exceptions, all coffee exported from Ethiopia flows through the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, where it is graded and traded anonymously, identified only by its region, processing method and cup quality.

Ethiopia Gelana Abaya - Cupping Room Collection
Ethiopia Gelana Abaya at Caffe Umbria

The Shara Washing Station is well-known for a superior environment, characterized by teamwork (work often flowing to the sound of singing) and clean, well-maintained equipment.

Ethiopia Gelana Abaya, a new Cupping Room Collection Release

In the cup, Ethiopian coffees sparkle with tropical fruit flavors, and floral fragrances and aromas. Depending on grind and brew method, you might taste more fruit notes or more bold, chocolate flavors.


The legendary birthplace of coffee produces coffees with distinct characteristics so I’m always eager to get to know them on the cupping table. Although famous for natural processed coffees, this washed Gelana Abaya is complex and delicious, with floral aromatics that meld beautifully with raspberry brightness and hints of orange.   ~Stefano Bizzarri, Assistant Roaster

REGION: Borena Zone
PRODUCER: Shara Washing Station
VARIETY: Heirloom Typica
PRODUCTION:1500 Bags Annually
TASTING NOTES: Floral, Raspberry, Lemon Zest, Notes of Jasmine & Hibiscus
RECOMMENDED BREW METHODS: Kalita Wave | Chemex | French Press


Ethiopia Gelana Abaya coffee brewing guide



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