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Known as the "Heart of Africa", Burundi is a land-locked and resource poor country. Their predominately agricultural economy employs more than 90% of the population, with its primary exports being coffee and tea - making coffee the heart of Burundi, providing hope for a better future.

Caffe Umbria Burundi Masha Single Origin Coffee 

Burundi Masha Single Origin Coffee by Caffe Umbria

A relative newcomer to the specialty coffee world, Burundi's coffee production started in the 1930's and was privatized in 2009. Primarily comprised of small-holder farms, each farm averages 100 to 200 coffee trees.

 Burundi Single Origin coffee - Masha Washing Station

Greenco Burundi carefully manages the coffee cherry selection, processing and export of coffee at several washing stations, including the Masha Washing Station. Greenco offers support to farmers and has instituted several programs in Burundi to train agronomists and empower farmers through education and training. Greenco puts high value on respect for farmers and the environment. Their main source of energy is the sun - solar panels provide energy for the coffee washing stations, computers, smartphones and lighting. Cherry pulp waste is converted into organic fertilizer used by the coffee farmers at the end of the season.

Caffe Umbria Burundi Masha Single Origin Coffee

The Masha Washing Station is one of the most prominent washing stations in Burundi, receiving its name from the number of cows found in the area (amasha y’inka in Kirundi).

Burundi Masha Single Origin Coffee - the Cupping room collection at Caffe Umbria

The Masha Washing Station was built in 1989 and collects cherries from over 2,500 local coffee farmers, processing more than 400 tons of coffee during harvest season. It has earned a reputation for consistently producing top quality coffees with well-balanced, complex fruit profiles.

In the cup, the Burundi Masha has notes of tangerine and tamarind, with an aromatic honey-sweetness. This coffee pairs nicely with savory foods, marmalade and the classic panettone.

Having cupped numerous Burundi coffees for our Cupping Room Collection, I was pleasantly surprised by the complex flavor profile and vivid fruit notes in the Masha. Like all African coffees, this Burundi is brimming with taste.  ~Stefano Bizzarri, Roaster

REGION:  Gatara Commune

PRODUCER:  Greenco | Masha Washing Station

VARIETY:  Red Bourbon

ELEVATION:  1600-1800 MASL

PROCESS:  Natural


RECOMMENDED BREW METHODS: Hario v60 | Kalita Wave | Aeropress

Burundi Masha coffee brewing guide with recipes for hario v60, kalita wave, aeropress



Burundi Masha single origin coffee - farmer storyBurundi Masha single origin coffee - farmer story

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