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Cupping Room Collection | Myanmar Hta Min Paung

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Myanmar Hta Min Paung coffee beds in the shadow of the pagodasThis Myanmar microlot is produced by 18 farmers in the Hta Min Paung village, most of whom own less than a hectare of land. The majority of the farmers are women (there are only two men in the group), and the group uses much of its profits for the development of the village, including an ongoing project to build a monastery. The community’s five pagodas stand prominently overlooking the drying beds.

Myanmar Hta Min Paung pagodas
Caffe Umbria Cupping Room Collection Myanmar Hta Min Paung

This community cultivates its coffee under a broad canopy of mixed trees in an ideal climate of hot days and cool nights. The extremely hot weather during the December to February harvest period is perfect for sun-drying cherries, and the results are exceptional – a clean, sparkling and lush coffee in the cup.

Caffe Umbria Myanmar Hta Min Paung Cupping Room Collection

Caffe Umbria Myanmar Hta Min Paung

Myanmar’s coffee revolution is a celebrated success story in the coffee industry. Although coffee was first introduced in the late 1800’s by British colonists, production was very limited until 2012, when some private entities and NGO’s recognized the potential for high quality specialty coffee production. With investment in education to improve agronomy, harvesting practices, milling and more direct access to specialty buyers, the economy of Myanmar has begun to flourish.

Caffe Umbria Cupping Room Collection | Myanmar Hta Min Paung


CUPPING ROOM NOTES: I was first introduced to Myanmar coffees at the 2016 SCA expo in Seattle. I was immediately intrigued by this emerging coffee producing source, and felt a close personal connection to this coffee as three of my co-workers were born and raised in Myanmar. When I tasted this year’s crop from Min Paung Village, I was impressed with the explosion of lush fruit notes in this coffee produced by a small village & community of coffee growers.
~Stefano Bizzarri, Assistant Roaster

REGION: Southern Shan State
PRODUCER: Hta Min Paung Village
VARIETALS: 80% Catuai
PROCESS: Natural
TASTING NOTES: Ripe Peach | Strawberry | Cinnamon | Lingering Finish
ROAST: Light

RECOMMENDED BREW METHODS: Chemex | French Press | Hario v60

Download the Myanmar Hta Min Paung Brew Guide

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