Leone Blend Earns Gold Medal at ICT 2018

First introduced in December 2017 for our residency at La Marzocco, our Leone Blend earned a gold medal in the Moka Pot Category at the International Coffee Tasting competition held in November 2018.

Leone Blend - Light Roast - ICT 2018 Gold Medal

Created specifically for the coffee enthusiast, we have always thought this blend had a little magic in it, and the judges thought so too. This light roast balances notes of honey, vanilla, apricot and red huckleberry. 

Leone Blend Light Roast - ICT 2018 Gold Medal

You can have a little liquid gold to enjoy at home - grab a bag of Leone Blend and a Moka Pot online, or pick up the café. If you decide to join us, here are some handy resources:

Leone Blend Brewing Guide (pdf download)

Moka Pot Brewing Video Tutorial

The International Coffee Tasting competition is an international competition for single origin coffees or coffee blends held annually in Milan, Italy.





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