Welcome to Westlake, Caffè Umbria's Third Seattle Café

Welcome to our newest café in Westlake

Caffe Umbria Westlake Cafe

Residents and visitors of the Lake Union area have a new Caffè Umbria café in their neighborhood.  Caffè Umbria Westlake is now open in the new Westlake Steps Building, which connects Dexter Avenue and Westlake Avenue N. Located on the SW corner of Lake Union, the  boutique café serves traditional Italian espresso and coffee drinks along with some innovative offerings like Nitro Cold Brew, plus light breakfast and lunch fare with several popular selections from local Italian restaurant La Spiga. Easy lakefront access makes this café a great place to enjoy a coffee.

Window seats at the Caffe Umbria Westlake Cafe

Cozy booth seating at the Caffe Umbria Westlake Cafe

Caffe Umbria Westlake

The Westlake café is the company’s third Seattle location to open, following a second Portland location that opened last month. Caffè Umbria’s second Chicago location is scheduled to open in October. Co-owners Emanuele Bizzarri, Pasquale Madeddu  and Jesse Sweeney chose existing markets to support the local economies where they currently operate, creating  more than 30 projected  full and part time jobs, with internal promotions leading the way.  

 Caffe Umbria Westlake - Peak Grinders and a Celeste La Marzocco Strada

Caffe Umbria Westlake Coffee Bar

Caffè Umbria’s brand and aesthetic is an elegant blend of rustic and modern elements; embracing current trends while honoring tried and true traditions. The new café embraces the architecture of the building, while mixing in the company’s signature branding and aesthetic. Local architect Richard Floisand, of Floisand Studio Architects delivered a contemporary aesthetic with vintage touches. The cozy café seats twenty-six, with additional space at a traditional stand up bar and outdoor seating. The iconic Griffen, heraldic symbol of Perugia, is engraved in the wooden back wall. The limestone and stainless steel bar sits in front of a wall of imported handmade tiles, beneath an arched wooden soffit. A La Marzocco Strada EE in celeste green, two Peak grinders and skillful baristas provide expertly crafted coffee drinks and superior service every day 7am - 6pm. Stop in and say hello!

Caffe Umbria Westlake arched soffit

Caffe Umbria Westlake engraved griffen


Caffe Umbria at Westlake

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