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We often find ourselves looking for unique experiences, hidden gems that will bring a little surprise and delight into our lives. Discovering a coffee that has been a well-hidden secret until recently got us a little excited. Our new Colombia La Orquidea comes from the region of Tolima, located in the Andes range of Colombia, where coffee has been historically difficult to export.

Colombia coffee growing region of Tolima

Thousands of producers have been cultivating coffee on a few acres of land in this area, but it was an untapped source of specialty coffees for a variety of reasons – market access, isolation, and armed conflict to name a few. This changed in 2014 with the formation of the Asociación de Productores de Café Especial La Orquídea (ASOPROCAFEES), a local cooperative with a mission to bring these coffees to market with better prices. They focused on certifying and training producers to achieve Fairtrade Organic (FTO) status, improving the quality and sustainability of the coffee, and securing market access. With 50+ members, the cooperative is organized in a way that benefits producers while maintaining the integrity of the coffee cultivating process.

ASOPROCAFEES the coffee cooperative in Tolima, Colombia

Buying small lot coffees via a cooperative is a good deal for everyone. As producers improve the quality of their coffee with the help of the cooperative, the cooperative uses the collective resources generated from the sale of that coffee to help the community with social improvement programs, which can be everything from micro-credit programs for producers, to building water filtration systems and other basic infrastructure in the community. Other initiatives include environmental training programs, healthcare, life insurance and educational opportunities.

Meanwhile, the cherries are processed entirely on producer’s farms, so they are truly small lot. Ripe cherries are handpicked, washed and de-pulped. After the coffee has fermented, it is washed yet again and laid out on patios to dry in the sun.

Tolima, Colombia - farmers cultivate and process their own coffee crops

The orchid (orquidea in Spanish) is the national flower of Colombia, and is often viewed as having a unique allure of elegance and perfection. We think this Colombia La Orquidea coffee is aptly named. With notes of tangerine and chocolate, this coffee will make a tasty addition to your coffee drinking experience.

It’s always interesting to delve into the varying cup profiles from Colombia – with varying altitudes and a wide range of climates, there’s almost an endless opportunity for something new. This Colombia La Orquidea shines on the cupping table, and is even more delicious in your cup. Subtle notes of baked apple and tangerine complement a deep chocolate flavor.  ~ Stefano Bizzarri, Roaster

Colombia La Orquidea Details

Region Tolima
Municipality Planadas
Producer Asociación De Productores De Café Especial La Orquídea (Asoprocafees)
Variety Castilla & Caturra
Altitude 1400-2000 MASL
Process Washed
Roast Level Light
Tasting Notes Tangerine, Chocolate, Floral

 Colombia La Orquidea tasting notes

Colombia La Orquidea Light Roast Coffee from the Cupping Room Collection

Tasting & Brewing

We recommend brewing the Colombia La Orchidea with a Kalita Wave, Chemex or Aeropress (and encourage you to try your favorite brewing method).


Brew Method

Kalita Wave




Medium Fine


Medium Fine

Coffee (grams)




Water (grams)



220g + 80g

Water Temp




Coffee to Water Ratio





Place filter in cone. Pre-wet filter with hot water then empty any residual water

Add ground coffee to filter then tap to level grounds

Pour approx 50g of water over grounds to evenly wet. Allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds or until coffee bed stops bubbling

Pour remainder of water in short increments, keeping motion circular and not letting the grounds dry

Overall brew time should be around 3 minutes

Place a folded Chemex filter in the brewer with the layered side against the spout

Pre-wet the filter with hot water then empty any residual water

Put ground coffee in cone and tap to level grounds

Slowly add approx 70g of water to pre-wet and create your bloom, making sure to wet all of the coffee grounds

As bloom begins to turn concave, add remainder of water in 100g increments, keeping motion circular and not letting the grounds dry

Overall brew time should be between 4-5 minutes

Using the upright method, pre-wet paper filter and attach cap to chamber

Place Aeropress on serving vessel then add coffee to chamber

Pour in 220g of water, making sure to wet all grounds

Barely insert plunger and wait 30 seconds

Plunge for 10 seconds

Add remaining 80g of water to your final brew and serve!


This Colombian coffee is also available wholesale. For inquiries, call 206-762-5300 or contact your wholesale representative.

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