An innovative Cold Brew Coffee Program for Restaurants and Cafés

Cold Coffee is hot, and we’re not talking about the traditional iced coffee. The Cold Brew Coffee sector has been growing, and the growth rate shows no signs of slowing down with a projected 25% annual increase in the years to come. With 54% of millennials and 34% of Gen Xers drinking cold brew regularly, there’s no better time to get these popular items on your menu. 

Our innovative Wholesale Cold Brew Coffee program has plenty of options so you can find the right fit, or choose them all for an exceptional coffee experience for your guests.

Nitro Cold Brew cans special wholesale offer

Wholesale Nitro Cold Brew Bundle and Save offer


Nitro Cold Brew 8 ounce Can

The Ready to Drink coffee sector is a $3 Billion / year industry and continues to grow.

    • Easy add on - grab and go sale for customer convenience
    • Can be added to catering and boxed lunches
    • Excellent flavor with notes of milk chocolate & cream
    • High end look with a modern Italian aesthetic
    • 44% profit margin
wholesale cold brew concentrate for batch brew
bundle and save cold brew concentrate offer for wholesale
Cold Brew Concentrate 32 ounce Bottle

Just add water to make 1 gallon of cold brew coffee.

    • Always consistent taste with a fruity aroma, caramel sweetness and deep body
    • Batch on demand and never run out. Batch by the gallon or use a Caffè Umbria cold brew pitcher
    • No messy toddy process
    • Can be used diluted as cold brew or nitro, or use concentrated in signature drinks, smoothies or cocktails.
    • A hefty 71% profit margin
counterop on-demand Nitro cold brew wholesale offer
wholesale bundle offer: nitro countertop on-demand
On-Demand Countertop Nitro

Nitrogenate our diluted cold brew concentrate and produce a steady stream of velvety Nitro Cold Brew. 

    • Set up takes 10 minutes - no kegs, no refrigerator, no nitrogen tanks.  
    • Sleek & elegant countertop look
    • Portable and compact, requires only a standard 110v plug and 8 inches of counter space
    • Quick ROI in under 3 months                                                                                                 

For a limited time, Caffè Umbria is offering special bundle pricing on all Coffee Cold Brew products. For more information, email us at, or call us at 206-762-5300.

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