Cupping Room Collection | Kenya Gatuyaini

The Heart of Black Gold Coffee

Straight from the Gatuyaini factory in the Nyeri District of Kenya, this coffee is grown in red volcanic soils at high elevations, rich in phosphorus and well-drained. These growing conditions produce coffees that develop slowly into very dense and flavor packed beans, with a classic Kenyan flavor profile - bright taste and complex flavors. Coffee from the Nyeri District is known as the "the Heart of Black Gold Coffee".

 Kenya Gatuyaini - a new single origin from the cupping room collection

SL28 & SL34 Varietals

Almost 800 farmers bring their harvest to the Gatuayini wet mill. Coffee is sorted and graded, and society staff cups samples of every lot delivered. The Kenya Gutayaini is made up of only SL28 and SL34 varietals (same varietals as the Kenya Windrush Estate). These varietals were tested and carefully selected by a research team to flourish in Kenya's unique growing conditions while maintaining intense flavor.

 Cupping Room Collection | Kenya Gatuyaini

Single Origin Kenya Gatuyaini
Tasting & Brewing

In the cup you'll find notes of pineapple, tropical fruits and raspberry. We recommend brewing the Kenya Gutayaini with a Hario v60, Chemex or Aeropress. 

Kenya Gatuyaini coffee brewing guide with recipes for hario, chemex and aerorpress

 Kenya Gatuyaini

Kenya Gatuyaini Details

Region Nyeri
Producer Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society
Variety SL28 and SL34
Altitude 1830-1950 MASL
Process Washed
Roast Level Light
Tasting Notes Pineapple, Tropical Fruits, Raspberry


Othaya FCS

The Gatuyaini factory is the production center for the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society, established in 1956 with the purpose of "Empowering Coffee Farmers Through Value Addition". One of Kenya's oldest and largest coffee cooperatives, Othaya is 15,000+ members strong and has earned a reputation for quality coffee. They are also well-known for their commitment to members:

  • They rotate mill managers throughout their network so that each factory can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the management team.
  • The society runs a nursery and farm store in order to supply members with equipment and seedlings.
  • They provide farm management workshops and routine training on mill best practices.


Atlas Coffee Roasters - Kenya Health Initiative
Kenya Health Initiative

Find out about the Kenya health initiative supported by our coffee importer. Five cents per pound of green coffee purchased goes directly to support the women’s health campaign in Kenya.

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