Barrel Aged Single Origin Sumatra

Our Sumatra Boru Batak, reinvented as a barrel aged very- limited-edition coffee.

Did you try our Sumatra Boru Batak last year? Now you can experience this coffee in a whole new way. We’ve barrel aged a small batch of this single origin coffee to create our Barrel Aged Sumatra.

Sumatra Boru Batak Single Origin

Stefano Bizzarri with a bag of Sumatra Boru Batak

While we are known for our traditional blends, we love to seek out new ways to highlight single origin coffees too. This barrel aged coffee is a unique way to combine the love of coffee and spirits.

Whiskey barrels used for Barrel Aged Sumatra

This Barrel Aged Sumatra coffee is cured for two months in American oak whiskey barrels from Woodinville distillery – they were previously used to age their award winning Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This process infuses the flavor from the bourbon into the coffee before it's slow roasted, producing a sweet, deep bodied flavor that gives the coffee a great complexity.

Sumatra Boru Batak Barrel Aged Coffee

Once aged in the barrel, the tasting notes evolve to include oak, maple syrup, concord grape, whiskey, and vanilla. The aroma of the whiskey is more pronounced when grinding, while the sweet scent of vanilla and oak take over once the coffee is brewed.

Barrel Aged Sumatra at Caffe Umbria

Our expert baristas recommend brewing the barrel aged Sumatra with a Chemex to really ‘taste the rainbow’ and complexity of flavors in the coffee. If you're a whiskey aficionado, brew with a French Press to elevate the bourbon characteristics in the coffee.

Available Friday August 4th, 2017 at the cafés: Only 100 bags of this special edition coffee will be made and distributed between our cafés and website. You can order it online now (only 20 bags available online), but please note that any order containing Barrel Aged Sumatra will ship on August 3rd.

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