Barrel Aged Single Origin: Peru Condor Puna

2017 Barrel Aged Peru Condor Puna

Last year Master Roaster Emanuele Bizzarri hand-selected the Peru Condor Puna coffee while visiting Peru. Grown at a high altitude between 1,300 - 1,800 meters in the Quillabamba Province in the Cusco region of Peru, this coffee is generally sweeter and of higher quality than coffees grown at lower altitudes. We had the honor of being the first to offer this unique light roast in the United States last summer. This September it returns as part of our limited edition Barrel Aged Single Origin program.

Master Roaster Emanuele Bizzarri

Cupping the Peru Condo Puna

This Barrel Aged Peru coffee is cured for two months in American oak whiskey barrels from Woodinville distillery – they were previously used to age their award winning Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The process infuses the flavor from the bourbon into the coffee before it's slow roasted, producing a sweet, deep bodied flavor that gives the coffee a great complexity.

Without barrel aging the tasting notes offer hints of pomegranate and amaro, with a juicy body. The barrel aging process transforms the flavor- with mellow whiskey notes, the flavors of raisin, vanilla and cherry cordial stand out in this barrel aged coffee. With a nice medium acidity and sweetness, this coffee has a clean finish.

2017 Barrel Aged Peru Condor Puna


Roast Level: Light Roast

Characteristics: Vanilla | Raisin | Cherry Cordial | Whiskey

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Release Date: September 5th, 2017

We recommend brewing with an AeroPress or French Press.


Only 120 bags of this coffee will be produced and sold exclusively online as pre-orders. Get this special single origin coffee while you can! 

"Your Barrel Aged coffee is so smooth! This is the best I've ever had. I've been using an AeroPress to brew it but I think I'm going to maximize its potential for being smooth by cold-brewing it. Great job and keep it up!" ~Ben, happy customer.

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