Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee with AeroPress: Three Recipes to Try


Industry experts often disagree on the best way to make coffee using the AeroPress. We consulted three of our in-house coffee experts to get their take on this dilemma. We invite you to experiment with different beans and recipes to find the combination that achieves your ideal flavor profile.

    Antonio Madeddu - Caffe Umbria Trainer



    Antonio Madeddu - Caffè Umbria Trainer Portland

    Highlights the flavors of the coffee with a velvety body

    1. Heat filtered water to just off boiling, about 202 F
    2. Measure 16 grams of coffee ground medium fine, to the consistency of table salt.
    3. Place paper filter in the AeroPress and pre-wet by pouring hot water through for 5 seconds.  Discard water.
    4. Pour the coffee in and shake to level the coffee bed.
    5. Pour in 255 grams of water, or up to the middle of the “4” on the AeroPress.
    6. Stir five times and wait 30 seconds.
    7. Plunge over serving cup and enjoy.









    Stefano Bizzarri - Caffe Umbria Assistant Roaster

    Stefano Bizzarri - Caffè Umbria Assistant Roaster Seattle

    Makes a light and delicate brew, like tea.  Full of flavor with a light body.

      1. Water temp: 192 F
      2. Grind 17 grams coffee at medium fine. 
      3. Pre-wet the AeroPress and filter.
      4. Pour coffee into AeroPress. Level.
      5. Add a little bit of cold water to moisten grinds.
      6. Pour approximately 320 grams of hot water (to the middle of the "4").
      7. Stir.
      8. Set plunger inside cylinder. Plunge for 40 seconds.





    Johnathan, Caffè Umbria Barista, Pioneer Square Seattle

    Balanced in flavor and body  

    1. Heat water to 185 F
    2. Grind 18 grams of coffee at medium fine. 
    3. Pre-wet the AeroPress and filter.
    4. Pour coffee into the AeroPress. Level.
    5. Pour hot water to the middle of the "2."
    6. Stir.
    7. Continue pouring water to the middle of the "4.” You'll need roughly 320 grams of water.
    8. Set plunge inside cylinder. Wait 40 seconds and then plunge.


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    Learn how to use the AeroPress with our Brew Guide.



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