Caffè Corretto Liqueur

We are pleased to announce that Caffè Corretto Liqueur is now available, a collaborative effort between Caffè Umbria and Elixir Craft Spirits in Eugene Oregon. Made with our Bizzarri Blend and the expertise of the Loreto brothers, this liqueur is excellent served straight or as part of a cocktail.

Caffe Corretto Liqueur made with Bizzarri Blend

Caffè Corretto joins a well-known selection of liqueurs from Elixir: Fernet, Calisaya and Iris.

From Elixir: Caffè Corretto™ combines two of Italy’s most cherished simple pleasures — enjoying full-bodied espresso coffee, and savoring distinctive liqueurs. Espresso coffee “corrected” with a splash of liqueur is known throughout Italy as “caffè corretto.” Oregon’s Elixir craft distillery and Seattle’s artisan coffee roaster, Caffè Umbria, have developed a unique coffee liqueur inspired by this rich history. Our Caffè Corretto™ is intensely coffee flavored, minimally sweetened, and made of all natural ingredients. It can be served straight, with ice, with a dash of cream, or as a sophisticated ingredient in creative cocktails.

Caffè Corretto Liqueur is available to try at our Madison and Pearl District Cafés (straight or in an espresso martini) or can be purchased at Portland’s Uptown Liquor Store.

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Caffe Umbria
April 24, 2020

In Washington State you can contact the distributor Cavatappi: Amanda Balo 206-351-6397 or Dieter Klippstein Sales Manager

April 24, 2020

Is Caffe Corretto liqueur available in Washington?

Caffè Umbria Inc.
February 21, 2019

It’s available at Portland’s Uptown Liquor store.

Andrea Holzner
February 21, 2019

Where may I purchase this Caffe Corretto? I tasted it recently and am in love. Thank you

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