Cupping Room Collection | Papua New Guinea Kiam

Cupping Room Collection | Papua New Guinea Kiam

The Cupping Room Collection are unique limited production coffees personally selected by our roasting team.

Papua New Guinea sits on the “Ring of Fire,” a basin in the Pacific Ocean where scraping tectonic plates trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This beautiful, stunningly diverse region has rich, fertile soil where coffee plants can flourish and produce extraordinary flavors, and is the source of our newest coffee, Kiam. This coffee takes its name from the Kiam Wet Mill, and impressive operation with two four-disc pulpers, very large fermentation tanks, and almost 11 hectares of patio for drying.

Cupping Room Collection | Papua New Guinea Kiam

Why we like it:  I chose the Papua New Guinea Kiam because we only use one South East Asian (Timor) coffee in our blends, and I wanted to see what else they have to offer. Although these coffees tend to be too earthy for my palate, the Kiam has earthy notes that are much milder and cleaner and remind me of green tea.  ~Stefano Bizzarri

REGION: Wahgi Valley, Jiwaka Province
VARIETALS: Typica, Bourbon, Arusha
HARVEST: July - August
PROCESS: Washed, Sun Dried
TASTING NOTES: Grape | Green Tea | Honey Dew Melon | Lasting Finish
ROAST: Light

RECOMMENDED BREW METHODS  Chemex | French Press | Hario v60


Papua New Guinea Kiam coffee brewing guide


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