Keep Cold Brew On Hand for Hot Summer Days

When temperatures rise, so do orders for cold brew coffee and while we've always offered fresh cold brew drinks in our cafés, this summer Caffè Umbria brings you two new ways to enjoy our cold brew at home or on the go!
Caffe Umbria Bottled Cold Brew Coffee
Cold brew and iced coffee are not the same thing. Cold brew is never exposed to high temperatures during the brewing process. This creates a full body flavor that highlights the coffee profile and it's less acidic than traditionally brewed coffee, making cold brew naturally sweeter than an iced coffee. You can experiment serving it hot or cold to see how the flavor profile varies from hot brewed coffee.
Caffe Umbria Cold Brew Information - How is Cold Brew Different?
Stock up on our brand new bottled cold brew before a road trip, or just to have on hand during the warm summer months. Our bottled cold brew is made using our Bizzarri blend, a Golden Bean North America medal-winning coffee. You'll taste notes of molasses, pecan and hints of banana in this medium body coffee. It's versatile and delicious. Grab a 12 ounce bottle (or two) to go the next time you visit us. 
Glass Coffee Carafes
Each of our cafes also makes their own cold brew coffee in house, rotating our different blends and single origin coffees, so you can experience them all.  Order a cup, and when you fall in love you can fill up one of our new  22 ounce glass carafes to share or save all for yourself.
Let us know which cold brew is your favorite and keep an eye out for cold brew cocktail ideas coming your way later this summer!

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