Introducing Our New Single Origin from Rwanda

Rwanda Hingakawa Single OriginAfter cupping dozens of varietals from all over the world,  we are pleased to introduce our 2017 limited edition Mono Origine coffee from Rwanda. Grown in Rwanda’s northern province of Gekenke by the Rwanda Hingakawa Women’s Association, the Caffè Umbria team was inspired by both the flavor of the coffee and the hardworking women who produce it. We shared the story  of the growers and the region earlier this month, if you missed it. 

Rwandan coffee is known for possessing a balance of bright and creamy notes, floral aromas and a medium acidity. This light roast perfectly embodies those characteristics, with hints of blood orange and vanilla rounding out the flavor profile.

Rwanda Hingakawa Light Roast Single Origin

If you're not familiar with Single Origin coffees, or Mono Origine, as we say in Italian, they provide a deeper understanding of a coffee's profile and how that profile is affected by environmental factors of the region where it was grown. The beans are extremely high quality and only produced in small batches. It's all about traceability. You know exactly where your coffee is from: a particular farm located in a unique setting with a flavor that can only be achieved in that specific area. 
Rwanda Hingakawa Light Roast Single Origin brewed with Chemex

We invite you to stop by one of our cafes to experience this bright and creamy Mono Origine at the hands of our fine baristas, or order a bag to savor at home. We recommend  brewing with Chemex or AeroPress to extract all the subtle tasting notes.

Characteristics: Blood Orange | Vanilla | Floral
Origin: Gekenke Region, Rwanda, Africa

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