Cupping Room Collection

The Cupping Room Collection by Caffe Umbria
Cupping Room Collection coffees are seasonal finds with unique flavor characteristics & stories. Sourced by our roasting team, these exciting coffees will vary in selling price and are always in limited supply. These coffees highlight our expertise in sourcing coffees from all over the world, and allow us to offer exemplary coffees from a source country.

Cupping Room Collection | Costa Rica Miguel Rojas Yellow Honey

Miguel Rojas' fastidious stewardship is evident in the sweetness and creamy mouthfeel of this honey lot. Honey processing involves leaving the mucilage on while the cherry seed ferments. This fruity substance caramelizes on the bean and develops into sugars. Enjoy intense aromatics when grinding, and delightful mix of deep chocolate notes, bright lemon acidity and hints of tart cherry with a smooth finish in the...