Cupping Room Collection

The Cupping Room Collection by Caffe Umbria
Cupping Room Collection coffees are seasonal finds with unique flavor characteristics & stories. Sourced by our roasting team, these exciting coffees will vary in selling price and are always in limited supply. These coffees highlight our expertise in sourcing coffees from all over the world, and allow us to offer exemplary coffees from a source country.

Cupping Room Collection | Colombia La Orquidea

Like it's namesake (orquidea means orchid in Spanish), this coffee has floral aromas with notes of tangerine and chocolate. This coffee comes from the Tolima region of Colombia, an area that has been an untapped source of specialty coffee. Although the Asoprocafes cooperative has been instrumental in bringing this coffee to market, each producer cultivates and processes their own crops. Ripe cherries are handpicked, washed...