Terra Sana Blend - Single Serve Filter Pack

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Multi-pack of 8 Individually Wrapped Filter Bags

Brew great coffee without special brewing equipment with the Terra Sana Single Serve Filter Pack. Much like a tea bag, this is fresh ground coffee you can brew either hot or cold. Use at home or on the go when traveling, camping or hiking. Eco-friendly filters are compostable, foil is recyclable. Fair-trade Certified, USDA Organic.


This Organic and Fair Trade certified coffee highlights some of the Bizzarri family’s longtime supplier relationships. Grown by smallholder cooperative farmers in Peru, Mexico & East Timor it is artfully blended to balance the crisp apple-like acidity with deeper cocoa notes. We drink this remarkably agreeable & clean blend as a morning drip coffee.

Characteristics: Clean | Crisp | Apple | Bittersweet Chocolate

Primary Origins: Mexico | Peru | East Timor