Cupping Room Collection | Guatemala Joyabaj

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Cupping this coffee took us on a sensory journey of discovery. The complex profile of this Guatemala revealed multiple flavor notes, depending on brew method. 

Located in the heart of Central America, Guatemala is one of the world's leading producers of coffee, and Guatemalan coffee beans are prices for their distinctively acidic and fruity flavor.  

Smallholder farms selectively hand pick ripe, red cherry and deliver it to the Joyabaj wet mill. The mill opened in 2021 to serve farmers in the area, providing technical support and agronomic advice to local coffee producers. The wet mill also creates an identity for the local communities and allows them to directly market the specialty coffee grown in the area.

REGION: Quiche
PRODUCER: Smallholder Farms
VARIETY: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
PROCESS: Fully Washed

CHARACTERISTICS: Pomegranate, Baker's Chocolate, Floral

RECOMMENDED BREW METHODS: French Press | Chemex | Aeropress

This is a limited edition rotating coffee. If you subscribe, you will automatically be sent the new single origin Cupping Room Collection coffee when it's released.