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Sumatra Boru Batak Single Origin

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COUNTRY: Indonesia
: Lintong
PROCESS: Semi-Washed
ALTITUDE: 1,000-1,300 meters
TASTING NOTES: Cedar, Strawberry, Rhubarb, Honey
ROAST: Light Roast

Sumatra Boru Batak
From the southern shores of Lake Toba, Indonesia, this single origin has a unique depth and flavor profile accentuating the complexity of Indonesian coffees. Named after the Batak tribe indigenous to the Lintong region of North Sumatra, this balanced light roast is decidedly sweet with a perfect level of acidity that cuts deep with complex flavors and unique aromas including cedar, strawberry and rhubarb, and a soft essence of honey. 

Deconstructing the Blend

MonoOrigine coffees provide an avenue to explore our blends more deeply. Our interest in single origin coffees (mono origine) is as old as the first torrefazione in Perugia - we have been choosing the best single origin varietals to be part of our blends for generations. Each component of our blends is a high-quality coffee that can stand on its own. Our expertise in choosing coffees from all over the world and bringing out their best characteristics - together in a blend - is leveraged with our single-origin offerings.

Just as the soloist is not in competition with the orchestra, single origin offerings are not in competition with blends - they do provide an opportunity to experience coffee on another level and round out our coffee knowledge.