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Mexico Pluma Hidalgo

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: Oaxaca
PRODUCER: Smallholder Farms
TASTING NOTES: Cocoa | Malt | Raisin
ROAST: Medium-Light Roast

Mexico Oaxaca Pluma Hidalgo
Nestled in the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range, smallholder farmers near the town of Pluma Hidalgo cultivate this coffee in a very rustic and artisan way, honoring the love of coffee and the land passed down from generation to generation for almost 200 years.

In the cup, the Mexico Pluma Hidalgo is recognized for its balance, very mild acidity, medium body and distinguished flavor - smooth and aromatic with notes of cocoa, malt and raisin.

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Download the Mexico Pluma Hidalgo Brew Guide.

Our Single Origin Coffees
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