Cupping Room Collection | Burundi Kibingo Oro

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The Burundi Kibingo Oro is an excellent, flavorful coffee to start the New Year. A specially formulated Oro yeast is added is added to the fermentation tanks, and left to ferment for approximately 36 hours. This process controls the fermentation process, and allows for more developed flavors, resulting in a coffee that is sweet, fruity with good complexity and floral notes.

The Kibingo Washing Station is located in Northern Burundi, and serves 3,515 registered coffee growers. Equipped with 10 fermentation tanks, 2 soaking tanks and a large drying field, Kibingo can process 750,000 kg of cherry per day.

REGION: Kayanza
PRODUCER: Kibingo Washing Station
VARIETY: Red Bourbon
PROCESS: Yeast Inoculated, Fully Washed

CHARACTERISTICS: Peach, Floral / Lavender, Chocolate Pudding

RECOMMENDED BREW METHODS: Hario v60 | Chemex | Aeropress

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