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Cupping Room Collection | Brazil Primavera Topazio Honey

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Fazenda Primavera is the fulfillment of the dream of producer Ricardo Tavares, and is an example of the greatness of specialty coffee production in Brazil. Tavares converted the 980 hectares of land from traditional coffee production to specialty coffee, with a focus on social and environmental sustainability.

The honey process does not involve honey, but gets its name from the sticky texture and golden amber color of the mucilage that is left on the seed to dry. The bean is separated from the cherry pulp without the use of water, leaving as much mucilage on the bean. This process increases the sweetness and complexity of the coffee.

In the cup, the Brazil Primavera Topazio Honey has notes of baking chocolate, grape and graham cracker, with a caramel smoothness. Read more on the blog.

REGION: Chapada de Minas

STATE: Minas Gerais


PRODUCER: Ricardo Tavares

FARM: Fazenda Primavera

VARIETY: Topazio



ROAST LEVEL: Medium Light

CHARACTERISTICS: Baking Chocolate | Grape | Graham Cracker

RECOMMENDED BREW METHODS: Hario v60 | Chemex | Aeropress

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