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Sumatra Boru Batak Single Origin

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We are excited to announce our newest single origin (mono origine) coffee: the Sumatra Boru Batak from the southern shores of Lake Toba, Indonesia. With a unique depth and flavor profile accentuating the complexity of Indonesian coffees, we think you’ll find it to be delightful.

 Fresh From the Roastery - Sumatra Boru Batak

The flavor profile of our Boru Batak coffee, a balanced light roast, is decidedly sweet with a perfect level of acidity that cuts deep with complex flavors and unique aromas including cedar, strawberry and rhubarb, and a soft essence of honey. You will find this coffee to be one of the most seductive flavors to excite your sense of taste. Although your choice of brewing method may vary, we suggest using the Boru Batak for a drip coffee or a rich cold brew. However you choose to brew the coffee, you will find it to be characteristically complex and sophisticated, a hallmark of coffees from this region.

 Coffee growing on the shores of Lake Toba, Sumatra

Image: Coffee Growing on the shores of Lake Toba

The Sumatra Boru Batak is named after the Batak tribe indigenous to the Lintong region of North Sumatra, Indonesia. The process of procuring this very special coffee is built on several layers of testing and quality control. Our Boru Batak is exceptional for several reasons. The coffee is grown in rich volcanic soil on the southern shores of Lake Toba, providing the groundwork for its incredibly unique flavor profile. The Sumatra Boru Batak is meticulously harvested and hand-processed, resulting in an exceptionally uniform coffee profile, enabling clarity of flavor. Characteristic of this region, the coffee is grown at altitudes of reaching 1000 to 1300 meters and is notably large, allowing for an even, robust roast. Finally, the coffee cherries are semi-washed, which keeps the pulp natural, generating its exceptional complexity and fruit undertones

 Sumatra Boru Batak - Triple Picked Supergrade - Green and Roasted Beans

Image: Sumatra Boru Batak green and roasted beans

We believe in ensuring that our final product exceeds our customer’s expectations and we are excited to offer such a notable mono origine. We are confident you will agree that the Sumatra Boru Batak coffee is one of the most rich and complex you will ever experience.


The Sumatra Boru Batak is available and the cafés and online. Take a moment to relax and enjoy.

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